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Store is selling Primark shirt – for £45 ?!

Everybody cherishes a deal.

Be that as it may, Urban Outfitters fans as of late got an unexpected outcome when one hawk looked at customer purportedly spotted something marginally out of order while perusing the rails.

A photograph of a man’s shirt, which was as far as anyone knows being sold in Urban Outfitters for £45, was shared on Twitter.

The sticker price is unquestionably inside the domains of plausibility for the store, where a normal T-shirt can set you back £18.

Yet, the issue was the red checked shirt said Cedar Wood State, which is the well known men’s range in Primark .


The shirt was found by Twitter client “cal” who went with the picture with the subtitle “pmsl urban suppliers x primark collab.”

A lot of Primark’s allure is that it’s useful for a deal.

So the recommendation that there’s a shot Urban Outfitters could be essentially increasing Primark great in its shops and passing them off as their own has justifiably stunned many people.