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April 20, 2017
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April 20, 2017

Dad’s Response To His Daughter’s ‘Accident’

The title for “best father ever” just got some intense rivalry.

On Friday, Ben Sowards, a craftsman, creator and father from Utah, got a call from his better half that their 6-year-old little girl, Valerie, had “a mishap” at school and should have been grabbed.

“Truly, I knew she was humiliated, however I thought on the off chance that I could make her giggle everything would be fine,” Sowards told the Huffington Post.

What’s more, much the same as that, he got a splendid thought.

He chose to get Valerie from school resembling this:



Valerie was sitting tight for her father in the key’s office when Sowards discreetly came in and made a request to obtain Valerie’s book pack so he could shroud something. Valerie was befuddled by his demand, until she saw her father’s soggy slacks.

“She was completely exasperated. In any case, once she saw my jeans, I understood that look from her where I knew everything was OK. All fathers comprehend what truly matters to look I talking,” Sowards said. “What’s more, we recently walked around of the school like nothing was going on.”

At the point when the two returned home, Sowards’ 17-year-old little girl, Lucinda, took a couple photographs of them. Sowards thought she was snapping the photos and simply sending them to his better half, yet Lucinda had greater arrangements. She presented the photographs on Twitter, where they made a tremendous sprinkle — accepting more than 253,000 preferences and 62,000 retweets.

After the post became famous online, many individuals called attention to the closeness between what Sowards did and a scene in the motion picture “Billy Madison,” in which the title character wets his jeans with water when he finds a kid he has moved toward becoming companions with had a mishap. Madison then plays it off like peeing your jeans is a cool thing to do.

“I recollect the motion picture and that may have been some place in my subliminal.”

ucinda goes down her father’s claim. She said it’s in her father’s tendency to utilize diversion at whatever point one of his children is having an unpleasant time, reviewing a period four years prior when she fell while skating on a school trip.

“I got a gigantic bruised eye and he FaceTimed me and had strikingly painted a bruised eye that coordinated mine on himself,” she said.

With respect to Valerie and all the consideration the photographs got, Lucinda and Sowards consoled HuffPost that she’s doing fine and dandy.

“She’s doing awesome,” Lucinda said. “She’s figured out how to chuckle about it and thinks what my father did was clever.”

Simply call him No. 1 Dad.