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High School Junior Asks Herself to Prom

and She Says Yes!

On the off chance that you need something done well, once in a while you simply need to take matters into your own particular hands.

That seems, by all accounts, to be what this New Jersey teenager had as a main priority when she asked herself to prom.

“The entire promposal scene was deficient with regards to a touch of entertainment,” 17-year-old Lily Bilgrey of Freehold said. “I felt that I could help with that.”

Bilgrey, a secondary school junior at SciCore Academy, disclosed to that she was burnt out on observing over-the-best solicitations to what she called “a celebrated school move” via web-based networking media.

So she chose to jab fun at the intricate custom by posting a progression of photographs, in which she seemed to ask herself to prom.

“I would not like to pass up a great opportunity for the fun promposal so I chose to ask myself,” Bilgrey said. “I knew I would state yes.”

Bilgrey said her secondary school does not really hold a prom for their understudies, but rather she needed to partake in the adolescent convention at any rate.

“I truly need individuals to contemplate who you run with or how you get asked — it’s about going and having a fabulous time,” she clarified, including that she knew numerous understudies who declined going to prom since they didn’t have a date. “It’s about encountering a transitional experience for teenager life.”

What’s more, to complete her guarantee, Bilgrey said she won’t convey a date to her school’s Spring Formal, however rather will pass independent from anyone else.

“I don’t believe it’s about the date,” she said. “I believe it’s about having a ton of fun.”