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Alabama Plumbers Work Together To Rescue A Puppy Trapped In A 50-Foot Hole

A group of plumbers in Alabama went above and beyond to rescue a dog trapped in a 50-foot hole for over 30 hours.

Toffee, a 7-week-old Australian shepherd mix who is also deaf, fell into a 50-foot-deep crevice behind a Huntsville home.

Plumbers from Roto-Rooter were among the band of rescuers who spent more than 30 hours working to free Toffee. Volunteers, including firefighters, engineers, handymen and cave rescue crews, were on the scene as Toffee was lured into a net with food.

A picture of the rescue (below) shows the crowd cheer as the pup is finally pulled from the hole.

“This is a miracle,” Karen Smith, the puppy’s foster mother, told reporters at the scene.

“I still can’t believe she’s really out and she’s right here and I’m holding her. It’s been an amazing outpouring of kindness,” Smith added.