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This dog earned his paintings of 5 thousand dollars

Meet hunter, the Shiba Inu, which creates abstract paintings and already has thousands of fans following him on social networks.

This 5-year-old good boy lives in Alberta, Canada, together with its owner, Kenny AU and his wife Denise Lo. “Our house has a big wall that we wanted to put some works of art,” said the couple. “We tried several different things, but are unable to do anything. Because hunter is a huge part of our lives, we thought it would be appropriate, if he will do for us any work of art. We tried to teach him how to hold the brush and then touching brush to paper, and when we added the paint, the result was very surprising.”

“When he first learned about it, he wanted to do it all the time,” said AU. “But we are doing everything possible to it is often diverted so that he does not overdo it and not get bored. With painting, we have included this in his routine, and he seems to like to change jobs. It makes him calmer during the day.

While hunter continued to Express its creative nature, the couple decided to open his page in Instagram and, eventually, even an Etsy shop where anyone can buy his masterpieces for $ 38 apiece. AU and Lo say they will continue to paint until the hunter caught up in this. If he is tired, they will stop. According to them, the hunter thinks of them more as his companions than of their hosts.

“He has a lot of energy and he seems happy when we train him physically and mentally, so we taught him many techniques,” added the pair. “He can clean up their toys, to bring our Slippers, build a pyramid, etc. He’s definitely the smartest dog we have ever owned”.