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Diners Catch Unlikely Pair Sharing A Meal

An elderly woman stopped by the McDonalds in Noblesville, Indiana, alone and lonely. After ordering her lunch, she grabbed her tray and turned to survey the seating area.

She spied a young man sitting all alone. So she took a chance and walked up to him. What happened next has gone viral.

Special education teachers Amy Meyering, Amanda Craft and a couple of other colleagues happened to be dining at the same McDonalds. They witnessed what the man – Eric Haralson — did in response to this timid senior citizen’s simple request for companionship.

The elderly woman asked Haralson if she could join him for lunch. He beamed a big smile at her, gestured for her to sit down then shook her hand in greeting.

Then the two began chatting in between bites of food. It appeared that they really hit it off, Craft said.

“I don’t know what she said to him but he just started laughing and it was like a contagious laugh. Like that belly laugh you get when you just can’t help but laugh along. It was really touching, heartwarming and you know it was just really fun to watch.”
Meyering said Haralson’s friendly response to the senior citizen’s hesitant request to join him for lunch was beautiful.

“Being Special Ed teachers we just love to see people reach out and make sure they are accepting. You do a nice kind act and it kind of reads that way.”

After snapping a photo of the senior citizen and the young man, different generations, different genders, seated together and sharing a meal, Meyering and Craft can’t believe the response it received.

“It impacted us and we thought about it and thought about it all day and when we were leaving we were like this is going to go viral. 117 likes. Two seconds later 200. It was amazing. And then this morning I saw WTHR and I tweeted them and said, ‘Girls, you are not going to believe this.’ I didn’t think that would happen but people are hungry for that.”

Just before they left the restaurant, they told Haralson that he was about to go viral. We just love sweet stories like this!